WOW -- Recognizing Exceptional Customer Service


Jane Gage – Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank
Jane has worked at the Food Bank for 7 years now and is a valued member of our staff.

Jane’s customer service skills are excellent she is always valuing anyone who comes through our doors to help them feel a little more at ease in needing food or helping them to fine the support they need for the numerous problems that are going on in their life.

We often receive comments from some of the young men in our community who need food; they talk about Jane’s caring and compassionate ways. Once a young man spoke about his addiction issues and said in spite of the struggles in his life he said “Jane always believes in me and encourages me”

Most recently Jane has taken a leadership role with the following things:

“We Care with Underwear” Project – Jane is collecting new underwear from the staff and volunteer which will be sent to Haiti to distribute to women and girls still living in tent-cities after the 2010 earthquake

Wear Purple May 6, 2011 – Jane has taken the lead role at our Food Bank in this social media campaign. The intent of this campaign was to start dialogue in Waterloo Region (and across Canada) in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Brown Bag Lunch – Each year the Food Bank hosts the Brown Bag Lunch which is an event to raise awareness of those living in poverty, Jane took on the lead of organizing and securing volunteers to host a BBQ in support of this event.

Garbis Haneshian - Taleen Jewellers
I always receive phenomenal service when I visit Taleen Jewellers. Last year when my parents were visiting, they decided to have their wedding bands repaired. Not only did Taleen Jewellers do an impressive job, the gentleman made sure he had them competed before he went on vacation so that my parents wouldn't have to go home without them (no doubt working extra hours to do so). To this day, he still passes along greetings to my parents and asks how they are. They were so impressed with his level of service, they hope to stop by to say hello themselves next time they visit Ontario!

Another Example: A few weeks ago I needed a battery for my watch and Taleen's was out of that particular model. To ensure I had my watch quickly before I went on my trip, they made an effort to get the battery I needed that evening and called me promptly the next morning to say my watch was ready for pickup.

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Have I met someone who went out of their way to provide me with outstanding service? Absolutely! Taleen Jewellers - every time! Certainly worthy of recognition for not only being a great jeweler but also for making their customers feel second to none.

Cathy Durham – Sunrise Mills Natural Choice
Cathy has gone out of her way to help me find the products I was looking for. She gave me a lot of information as well. I have never received service like this before! Even though she was busy she took the time to help me with everything I needed, all with a smile. She was honest and fair. I wish all stores had someone like this women, the world would be a better place!

Maria Kong - Zen Garden The lady at Zen (Maria Kond) is so incredibly friendly every time we visit. She not only makes us feel very welcome but she remembers our favourite menu items.

Today, my friend brought me there for a birthday lunch and when we were leaving she gave me a little gift! How incredibly thoughtful and sweet! It certainly made my day.

I think she is certainly worthy of a customer service award for not only offering consistent great customer service but also for going that extra mile to make me feel special today!

Allan Bilton – C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd
I'd like to nominate an employee of ours for recognition. Allan Bilton has gone above and beyond to ensure our customers get their boats on the water each and every weekend. Allan takes the time with his customers to ensure they understand the repairs that have been completed and has shown respect for each individual. If our service department falls behind schedule, Allan has made himself available for overtime to ensure the job gets done. As one of our more experienced technicians, Allan will lend a hand or suggestion to the apprentices on staff, to aid in the efficiency and accuracy of their work. He is a team player and is always looking out for the companies best interest.Thanks Allan!

Dawn Grinsteed – Langs
Dawn is on the switchboard in the clinical area. She greets all that come in and is always helpful and cheerful. Makes each person feel special and leads them all in the right direction. When you phone the clinic she is so veryhelpful, always makes each person feelimportant.. I always feel welcome and important as a patient when I got there or phone. I think it takes a special kind of person to be as kind and patient as Dawn is.

Elisbete Raposo – Sears Watch & Jewellery Repair
I went in for a simple watch battery purchase and was surprised at the extent and outstanding customer service Elisabete provided. Elisabete was extremely outgoing and personable and made me feel like I was spending thousands even though it was a minimal purchase. Not only did she service the watch completely, she also provided a further discount which I was not expecting. I rarely come across this type of customer service and commend her on the pride she takes in her work.

Linda Defoe – Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre
Linda Defoe has been an exceptional employee since the hotel was first built. The hotel had the opportunity to accommodate a group of individuals from China this past summer that were in town learning to speak English.

Upon the arrival of this group Linda spent amazing amounts of time getting to know every one of them by first name. When the group arrived we had learned that one of the students found out that she was pregnant just before leaving China. With this being this guests first pregnancy there was a lot of discomfort the guest experienced. Linda on a regular basis would run bottle water up to the room without being asked, ensure she had soda crackers to settle her stomach and on a few occasion as well as ensure she was always comfortable. One occasion with this guest that stands out is that there was some concerns this guest had in regards to the way she was feeling. Linda had spent about an hour with this guest discussing her discomfort and even contacted Telehealth Ontario to have a Chinese speaking nurse discuss with the guest the discomfort she is feeling. She is a great employee and we are glad to have her as part of our team.

Tammy Saunders - Langs
Tammy works in the Resource center and does many things .. She heads many programs and as I said does a perfect job of the community picnic. She always helps with the Christmas party also. She also looks after the Take a Breakprogram and Retired and ready. Tammy drives Langs buses to many of our activities. She always has a huge smile and welcome for each person and has a way of making each person feel special. I think that we are very lucky to have her.

Vivian Gomez – Holiday Inn Cambridge
A child who stayed with us at the beginning of March, left behind a teddy bear, and called us to see if we could mail it back to them, Viv took the teddy bear to each department in the Hotel and took a picture of the bear in the kitchen “cooking” sitting at the side of the pool with sunglasses on, at the computer doing some work, helping to fold towels in laundry. And she sent these pictures along with the bear back to the owners, they were thrilled and sent an e-mail to the hotel saying they would be definitely be staying with whenever they come back to Cambridge.

Amy Peters – FABUTAN Sun Tan Studios (Westgate Studio)
Manager, Amy Peters continues to receive letters sent to the head office commenting on how wonderful she is and the service she provides. One customer has commented and said “As a customer of the Westgate FABUTAN for the past 10 years, we have met many different managers, but feel that Amy brings many talents to this business. You are greeted with a warm friendly smile as she recommends what products and how to use them for best results. She is very knowledgeable on the operation of the store and its equipment. But, most of all she makes everyone feel special”.

Another customer says “Amy is SO friendly and always so helpful! I travel 40 minutes on the bus just to go to her location”

Amy is “one of a kind” whose goal appears to make sure that every customer enjoys the “WOW experience.

Jim Kaitting – GeoSmart Energy Inc.
GeoSmart Energy has built its reputation on delivering consumer-friendly products with a customer-first mentality thanks to outstanding employees like Jim Kaitting. Since joining GeoSmart Energy as the company’s Warehouse Manager three years ago, Jim has consistently defined what it means to provide exceptional customer service.

Whether he is interacting with his GeoSmart colleagues, suppliers or customers from across North America, Jim takes pride in not only meeting but in exceeding customer expectations. He embraces every opportunity to make the customer experience the best it can be, from his personable and professional face-to-face, phone and e-mail interactions to working late and on weekends at his own initiative to ensure orders are filled right the first time and shipped promptly.

With Jim, safety is a priority. Our customers never leave the warehouse without Jim checking to make sure their loads are properly packed and secured. That commitment extends to championing our in-house recycling program to ensure our office and warehouse is tidy and safe for both employees and customers.

He genuinely loves what he does and it shows. His dedication to quality customer service is bar none. Our customers frequently applaud Jim’s attention to detail, his upbeat attitude and his willingness to go above and beyond to meet their needs and expectations.

Internally his influence is undeniable. He is a team player who leads by example. He has a gift for making everyone he comes into contact with feel like they’re the most important person in the room, and in doing so, he role models what it means to excel in customer service.

GeoSmart Energy takes great pride in nominating Jim Kaitting for a WOW Cambridge Customer Service Award. He is the epitome of what it truly means to be customer-focused.


Proud Supporter of the WowCambridge Customer Service Program.

























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