WOW -- Recognizing Exceptional Customer Service


Michele Collins, Cambridge Public Library--Clemens Mill Branch

Being a non-French speaking parent with a child in French immersion, I had no clue what he was reading in French – whether he understood the meaning and is it right one?

So I went to our local library for help, which was Clemens Mill. I was looking for books which had the story both in English and French. After we were done with all the available books -  in all four branches, I went looking for the librarian to help us find similar books.

As the libraries resources were limited to this selection, based on how we searches for it, the librarian suggested an alternative way to search. She said she would get back to me.

After a few days, I received an email from her, which was a series of emails which showed her dedication and all the extra efforts she had taken. Michele had contacted numerous libraries to figure out a way to search for them al also loam more books for us through the interlibrary mode.

I was stumped by the sincerity of Michele, who went out of her way to help me and my son. Hats off to Michele and Clemens Mill library branch. You have great staff, who go the extra mile to help our community.

Lina Mason, Cambridge Public Library--Preston Branch

I am nominating Lina Mason because of the warmth, personalized attention, enthusiasm and professionalism she demonstrated to me during my interaction today with her at the Cambridge Public Library--Preston Branch. As a Cambridge resident, I have had the pleasure of being served by her on a few occasions. I was always struck by her professionalism and warmth. Today was no different. I was in the branch to print off two documents. While I was seated at the computer terminal working, I was impressed by the depth of knowledge she exhibited when serving patrons who came up to the Information Desk. I could overhear her taking the time to educate patrons on the more obscure library procedures that bewildered them. Later, when I went up to the desk to pick up and pay for my printing, she was equally friendly.

(Any snide remarks I had secretly thought of making about why I was still required to pay for the printing when my hard earned tax dollars already went to subsidize the library were immediately muted). She assisted me to sort out the amount I owed for the printing and took my payment cheerfully.

Furthermore, I was floored when she asked me if I needed an envelope to hold my newly-printed documents. I said yes and she helpfully walked to the back office and returned with a pristine brown envelope for me to keep my documents in. She didn't have to do that. She didn't have to think beyond just taking the money for the printing and giving me my change. However, she displayed an uncanny level of personal attention to my needs as a patron of the library. She recognized that secretly, I would have liked an envelope --least my freshly printed documents get wrinkled before I even got home. I left the library a very satisfied patron!

Heather Hundt, Homewood Suites by Hilton Cambridge

Heather has been at the hotel ever since the beginning, as our Day Houseperson within the Housekeeping department. Her exceptional customer servicve skills have been apparent ever since she started.  Guests have loved Heather's kind, soft-spoken words and compassion.  She truly is a very special person.  A guest had wrote us after her stay on August 14, 2010 letting us know about the great things we do and how the staff are so attentive and caring, Heather being one important person in the mix.  The guest had come to the front desk because her key was not working.  After having it re-programmed, the guest then went to the Fitness Facility and it still didnt work.  Heather was there to lend a key that worked and then came to the front desk to provide the guest with another new key.  The guest had stated she had a nice conversation with Heather; the guest had had a car accident on her way to the hotel and was still stressed and shaken up about it.  Upon hearing this, Heather came to the desk and put together a goodie bag and a note saying that she hoped the guest felt better and everything would be alright.  Heather brought it up to the guest, which meant the world top this guest. The guest continued to write that Heather was so sincere and compassionate; which had set her apart with the guests that frequent our hotel.  Heather is one of a kind, and we are so grateful to have someone like her on staff.

Addul Zalgaonker, Hespeler Pharmacy

"Have I met someone who went out of their way to provide me with outstanding service ?" Thanks for asking and yes I've met many in our little village of Hespeler... I think local business and customer service go hand in hand, just go into any of Hespelers locally owned businesses and you will know what I mean.One business owner in particular stands out in my mind and it's not surprising he has been here since before I moved to Cambridge 10 yrs ago. In a little village that sees many businesses come and go since the amalgamation years ago, I believe customer service has kept this business going.

 I only know his first name "Abdul" but he knows my last name and I'm sure there's a good chance he knows yours if you live in Hespeler. Abdul is one of those few people who live in the moment and are always present when he talks to you. Over the years he has made me feel like I've been a good mother, reminded me how precious life is, to live in the moment and take care of myself, he's given me advice about my elderly mother, held my hand while I cried and reminded me that the most I could do for my mother in law dying of cancer was to be present when I was with her.

That's not just outstanding service that is an outstanding person behind an outstanding business called Hespeler Pharmacy.

Thank you Abdul for going out of your way. Signed: A loyal customer

Jean Small, Holiday Inn Cambridge

One of our fitness members here at the Holiday Inn Cambridge unfortunately suffers from early stages of Alzheimer. When they are here using the facilities our member's husband finds it difficult to assist his wife as she needs to use the ladies change room. Jean on a regular basis goes into the women's change room and helps his wife get ready. Jean has such a huge
heart and genuinely cares for this couple and wants their time with us to be without stress. Jean has also served the hotel for the past 35 amazing years!

Good Ol' Boys Moving

I am in the process of moving to the USA and this moving company has been professional, courteous, friendly and so very helpful. Belinda is warm, wonderful and knowledgable and never seems to mind when I call with a question. Susie has kept me informed of everything I've needed, and Leland held my hand through the filling out some forms for the US government.

Even the men who moved my goods out of my condo were on time, tidy, fast and expert at packing up some of my oddly shaped items. I simply recommend them for outstanding service.

Romeo Salon and Spa, Romeo Salon and Spa

While you are getting your hair done, they automatically give you a free hand massage but what is truly outstanding is that regardless of how many people are in the salon while you are there, Frank manages to make you feel like you matter the most. Frank went out of his way to help me prepare for the Spanish theme for the business awards but was truly kind when attempting to have me prepped for the awards and out the door fast. Before i knew it, Frank had asked for assistance to dry/curl my hair and assured me i would be out the door in minutes. Destressed me with 2 more hand massages... and voila. Its not just what he did... but the fact that he really cared to
make my challenge his concern.
















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