WOW -- Recognizing Exceptional Customer Service

Previous Winners - 2009

Stephen Pires, Sears Cambridge

My husband and I are elderly and sometimes the workings of modern technology are beyond our grasp. The young man Stephen, who is a salesman at Sears Cambridge in the Electronic Dept. has been most courteous, patient and helpful in answering our questions, time and time again. It is a pleasure having him attend to us.

Ines Resendes, Holiday Inn Cambridge

Our General Manager, Salim Mukadam had received a hand written note from a guest have a meeting in one of our function rooms.  In the note she writes, " I taught a course for OREA at the Holiday Inn in Oct 1.  As usual, excellent service and room was setup perfectly.  I wanted to note the extra special service by the lady who was cleaning the front foyer on arrival and the hallway later in the am.  She offered a good morning smile and directions to our room on the way in.  She looked up and ask to ensure everything was ok in the class and immediately called for the porter when i had a request.  I am sorry I didn't get her name, but i hope you can identify who I mean.  She is an asset to your team."  This person was identified to be Ines Resendes who has been working in our Housekeeping Department for almost 17 years.  She is always very friendly with our guest that she encounters and stops whatever housekeeping task at hand and serves our guests first. 

Tina Chora, Shoppers Drug Mart, 137 Water St N.

Tina consistently demonstrates compassion for those less fortunate and will occasionally help those in need by purchasing a treat with her own money. Tina is recognized by both customers and staff of Shoppers Drug Mart Water street for continually going above and beyond to provide customer service to everyone she comes in contact with. Tina is one staff member who customers continually recognize her when she’s working and asks for her when she’s not. Recently she was off work due to surgery and customers were always asking how she was and when she would return. Tina takes time to say hi to the children of customers. Tina is the type of person who becomes very attached to her customers and in one case when the customer told her she and her family were moving to another province it brought her to tears. Tina Chora is the face of Shoppers Drug Mart Water Street and makes every customer feel welcomed and valued. As far as I am concerned Tina exemplifies exceptional customer service.

Donna Leslie, Cambridge & District Humane Society

Before coming to Cambridge, I drove from Guelph to Toronto to see another dog, which I liked a lot but she had abnormal urination issues which may or may not have been able to be resolved and she was a little to 'excited' for our daughter.Anyhow, from the second I stepped into their facility, I felt unwelcomed, looked down upon and was spoken to by the grumpiest young lady who obviously did not like her job and was unhappy to be there.Point being, the SECOND I walked into the Cambridge Humane Society, I was greeted by more than one person who obviously loved their job and were happy to be there.They took the time to answer questions, were overall happy people and were truly in love with the animals that were housed there.I felt like the dogs (and cats) were getting the love and the attention they deserved from a facility, which unfortunately, is something I did not feel from the other one I went to visit.

Chelsea aka Liz, is doing EXTREMELY well - she settled in from the first minute I stepped in the car (in fact, she will NOT stop licking me).Her and Spencer (her new doggie brother) get along famously and she already lets Ayanna (our daughter) snuggle in and play with her on her big comfy doggie bed.She is a smart girl who already responds to her new name and has her basic commands pretty down pat as well.There have been a few 'accidents' in the house, but that was to be expected since she just came from a kennel setting so I'm sure it will come in time.Chelsea is one dog who has definitely picked her master VERY quickly as she wont stray far from me and I think she is going to be an EASY dog to train off leash for our daily walks since she keeps looking back to make sure I'm still there.

Thanks to everyone at the Cambridge Humane Society for all the work you have done with Chelsea, the other animals and for the amazing welcome!!!!!

Michael McKeown, Ridgehill Ford Sales - 2009 GRAND PRIZE WOW WINNER

Wow, Wow, Wow!  This is a tale of service way beyond the call of duty.  My experience is as follows:

At the end of March, 2009, at the expiry of my Lease, I purchased my 2006 Ford Escape from Ridgehill Ford.  On June 28th, 2009, my daughter, Andrea, and I traveled to Manitoulin Island in the subject vehicle for a few days of R and R.  Regretfully on June 30th, through no fault of Ridgehill Ford, the vehicle experienced a serious mechanical problem on Manitoulin Island and had to be towed to Espanola (the nearest Ford dealership) for required service.  Because of the Canada Day holiday and delay associated with delivery of necessary parts to Espanola, the Ford dealer there could not guarantee completion of repairs until Friday July 3rd.  As I had to get back to work and could not wait around until July 3rd, Andrea and I rented a car from the Ford dealer and returned home on Canada Day. 

Upon my return I called Michael McKeown at Ridgehill Ford to discuss the problem with my vehicle and to advise that I had to travel back up to Espanola (about 60 km west of Sudbury on Highway 17) on July 6th or 7th to retrieve my vehicle.  Not really looking forward to another long drive, I was astounded when Michael offered to travel to Espanola to retrieve and return my vehicle to me and, Michael did just that.

My vehicle was returned to me completely repaired and in first class condition.  Michael, who is the General Manager of Ridgehill Ford, always insists on cleaning up all vehicles and returning them to you in impeccable condition.

I am extremely grateful to Michael who saved me another day or two off the job and obviously another very long drive as aforesaid.  This is an extremely big Wow in my books and was a totally unexpected kind gesture on Michael’s part.  Hopefully the Cambridge Chamber will consider Michael for a Wow Cambridge Award.  If we all bent over backwards to assist one another like Michael just did for me, we would be in fine shape business wise and otherwise.

Dean Botelho, Remax

Everyone we’ve introduced Dean to, he has either sold their house for them for found them one.

We purchased a retirement home here in Cambridge and listed it with Dean Botelho. It was the best thing we ever did.

With a listing of this magnitude it gets a little more complicated with agencies, and banks and people travelling from everywhere to have a look. In the middle of winter, in snow storms, on Christmas Eve I’ve seen Dean dealing with clients over this home.

From the security guard breaking his key, to the gas man needing to get in the building, to the door being fixed, to the grass being cut and the garbage removed from the property. Dean has taken his daughter to vacuum the foyer when it needed to be done.  Who else would do that?  Only Dean Botelho.

The list can go on and on of how much customer service he provides to his clients.  Over and over I hear from other referrals to Dean. I receive emails constantly from friends, associates and neighbours thanking me for introducing them to Dean.

I believe Dean Botelho is deserving of this Customer Service Award because his actions demonstrate the values of the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce.




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