WOW -- Recognizing Exceptional Customer Service

Previous Winners - 2008

Jenn Pollock - Fabutan Sun Tan Studios (Hespeler Road)

I am sending this letter to congratulate you on the outstanding service you have been providing for our customers. We received a comment card from a customer stating that they were WOWed by the experience they had at your studio. The customer states:

" Jenn is a wonderful person! She introduces herself and shakes your hand. Not only that, she always remembers your name when you come back to visit! She is always smiling and very helpful. The studio is always clean, I enjoy every minute of my visits."

"I love this place! It is always clean and the staff is always smiling and very friendly. I never have to wait!"

"I am always greeted with a "How was your tan?" when I'm finished. All of the team members are very friendly day or night. I cannot say enough good things about this location. I will definitely give them my business for a very long time!"

As you know, at Fabutan we pride ourselves on the WOW-like customer experiences provided by our CEO's who interact directly with our customers. It is obvious that you know how to add value to our customer's tanning experiences, and because of you, they are sharing their experience with their friends and family. Each day, you have the ability to change the customer's state of mind; to put a smile on their face and help them feel better about themselves. Just think, you have impacted this particular customer's day enough that they took the time to tell us about it! We want you to know that we appreciate your dedication and commitment to WOW! You are definitely a valued member of the Fabutan team.

We are proud to have you on our front-line!

Greg Morrison - Galaxy Cinemas Cambridge l Cineplex Entertainment

My experience started on Nov 21st at the movie theater. I got in line at the concession to purchase tickets and get my popcorn. I had noticed the line I was standing in was moving was a bit faster than the others and I thought " I picked the right one this time". When I got to the front of the line I got a very sincere greeting from a young man named Greg. By this time I was the last one in this line up and he started chit chatting a little bit and filling my order.  At the same time he was getting a call on his walkie talkie, asking him to look after the entrance to the theaters. I walked away with my pop and popcorn with tickets in hand. I proceeded over to the stand for napkins and straws. I was waiting about ten minutes for a friend to join me and I was nibbling on the popcorn. Stupid me knocked to popcorn over and it landed all over the floor. Greg saw what I had done; I could hear him call the concession stand requesting another bag of popcorn. He walked to the concession stand and then over to me standing in the middle of the room with a fresh bag of popcorn.

This experience started off with a greeting that was genuine not fake. We all know what it’s like to get that monotone greeting "may I help you today".

Greg had a snap in his step try to serve his customers with a bit of extra speed but still had a little time to engage people. Obviously not fake! When he was called on his walkie talkie he didn't rudely answer but waited until he was done serving me. Then clumsy idiot me, spend more time looking at the door waiting for my friend to arrive, knocks over the popcorn, I real feel stupid. But to even hear Greg call on his radio calling to get me another one let alone bring it to me, made me feel pretty good. Needless to say this is the type of employee we would all like to have working for us. Great service made a difference to me that day.

Billy MacCallum - Homewood Suites by Hilton Cambridge/Waterloo - 2008 GRAND PRIZE WOW WINNER

I would like to nominate Billy for this award. There are so many stories to tell from spending a 1/2 hour on the phone giving directions to a family that was lost, going out and buying Birthday Cakes for Guests Birthdays and surprising them but there is 1 story that stands out the most that makes him unique from all the others. We had a guest that didn’t show up to the hotel one day due to her long life pet dog that passed away. She had to come to Cambridge as she was working for Toyota on a project here in town. The loss of her pet was like losing a best friend or a family member. Billy took the time to go one line and find an amazing poem from the pet’s point of view on the amazing things the pet and the owner went through and what the pet’s thoughts were about the owner. It was really a tear jerker poem. He did this up and framed it and then left this in the guest’s room with a basket on behalf of the hotel. When the guest arrived to the room she was amazed that someone that never even knew her would go through this trouble. She came down to the front desk and couldn’t say enough about Billy and how know one has ever made her feel this way before. She was at the hotel for a week and would tell everyone in the hotel that she came across the story and the amazing service and thoughtfulness she received from Billy. She has even gone so far to contact Homewood and Hilton head office to tell them of this story and how amazing the Homewood Suites Cambridge is due to Billy.

Eilish Kennedy - Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation

Eilish has been working here at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation for ten years and last year took on a new role as my assistant.  I can't begin to tell you how delighted everyone is that she took on that role.  Eilish has a special rapport with many of our donors, and is always respectful and kind to each and every one - no matter the size of their donation.  She genuinely enjoys talking with every one of them - and her warmth comes through in each welcome she gives them.  When anyone comes in to our office, she greets them with a smile, offers them a chair, and focuses all of her attention on them.  In fact, because we have several elderly visitors, she took it upon herself to ensure that the visitor chair at the front doesn't have wheels so that they will feel more stable when they stop by and sit down.  I cannot tell you just one example of delight with her customer service - because there have been so many.  We have donors who ask for her by name, and who trust her completely with their most personal situations.  Our memorial donors know that Eilish will respect their wishes, their families and their emotions.  Eilish is the glue that holds our team together - she is always upbeat, pleasant and friendly.  She is never shy to ask for help when she needs it, or to pass along a compliment when deserved.  She is the WOW here at CMHF - and I hope that you can find an opportunity to meet her yourself.

Maun Demchenko - Cambridge Farmers Market

Maun, is a Cambridge Historical Farmers Market Ambassador. Her prompt, friendly and outgoing personality make her an absolute pleasure to be around. Meeting her first thing in the morning with her infectious smile is enough to start anyone's day off on a positive note!! Maun's duties at the market include providing shoppers with carry out service to their car with heavy awkward loads, providing Market shopping buggies for use at the Market, along with umbrellas for inclement weather now, providing directions, maps & information ,referrals to shoppers, out-of-towners re: shopping, restaurants, sightseeing routes, historical sites, sports tournaments, events, festivals etc. & of course to promote the Market (be an ambassador). Also any & all other related duties which can include first aid for example or helping out a vendor in a pinch. 

Personal info: she was raised on a farm in Saskatchewan, & in 2 weeks she'll have received her third university degree & is currently working on her fourth at the School of Architecture. Due to studies & travel in Europe she knows several languages, including French, Italian, German & Scandinavian. She is an enthusiastic, proficient & creative cook/chef but only of fruits & vegetables, bakery items & other non-meat items - she is a vegetarian.

She is truly an amazing young lady, always ready for the next challenge which she does with enthusiasm and a smile on her face ... always!

Chris Goodhew -Wire To Wire Manufacturing

I would like to nominate Chris Goodhew from Wire To Wire. Awhile ago I needed a custom wire product and approached Chris at Wire To Wire to make this product for me. While they don't usually make such small orders Chris was happy to help me out and personally make my item. I had to wait a bit for him to make my item and had the opportunity to watch Chris at work. When trucks came in he stopped what he was doing and helped the truck drivers load or unload their trucks. (He didn't leave my job, someone else was welding it) I also had the opportunity to see Chris interact with his employees. While sitting with them at lunch they told me Chris always lends a hand to them, and would never expect them to do a job he wouldn't do himself. They said he goes above and beyond to provide good customer service to every person who walks in the door.

While there later to get a second part, I could not believe the effort Chris put into making a bad situation right, while I was there he was running around in the rain picking up soaking wet papers that were scattered about the parking lot. When I asked what he was doing, he explained that someone had obviously stolen a briefcase and dumped it in their parking lot. He said the brief case had contained player’s cards and birth certificates of the local city hockey team. He was trying to find the coaches name and number to return them, at the same time trying to dry out the papers so they were not ruined. His big concern was the players would not be able to play next game without them. The coach picked up the case while I was there, and Chris graciously turned down the reward.

I feel even with just the couple of times that I had the opportunity to deal with Chris, he is a great candidate for this award, he went above and beyond in customer service to help me get parts that I could not find anywhere else, even though it was not routine for them to deal with individuals for one or two pieces. It was obvious he gives 110% all the time and goes above and beyond in customer service by hearing his employees talk.

They were not surprised in the least by his actions to help.  Chris even offered to deliver the part to me the second time if I did not want to wait while it was made. I of course declined and was then offered coffee and a donut while I waited - can you beat that? Not something you normally get at a small plant. Please consider Chris for this award!

Management and Staff - Suds Express/Jiffy Lube

I took my wife’s vehicle to be detailed, didn't think to tell them she had a deathly allergy to oranges, and they used the citrus package on her car, she went to pick it up and she had an anaphylactic reaction as soon as she opened the door - they were most attentive, even re-detailed the car for free, gave us some cleaner in a bottle for touchups and we were very very impressed with their attention to her health issue and their general good customer service.

Danielle Forbes, National Service Dogs for Autism

Since becoming a volunteer with National Service Dogs, I have worked with Danielle Forbes on many occasions, I cannot center on one particular event that shows her excellent and impeccable customer service qualities as there are many that stand out in my mind. Danielle runs the annual Easter Egg Hunt for NSD, at this event she graciously stuffs prize tickets into over 1,000 plastic eggs, makes sure that all volunteers have the necessary material to run their hunts. Danielle is adamant that each and every sponsor receives a personal thank you for their support. Wow that's customer service. I have attended a golf tournament held by the optimist club 2 years now with Danielle and both times she insists on sitting at the registration table to help register golfers and greet them personally thanking them for coming out to support NSD's effort in raising money to sponsor a child with autism to get a service dog. At this event you can find Danielle standing on one of the holes, dog in hand, chatting with every golfer while they wait their turn. Later she can be found mingling table to table again thanking all golfers for participating. At the annual open house, Danielle again is found chipping in with many of the scheduled events, running to get drinks for sponsors attending the event, chatting with families who have rec'd their service dogs, putting up tents, playing with children.

You could ask anyone who has attended one of the events which Danielle has participated in and they would tell you that it is almost as if she invented the words Customer Service... no one leaves feeling they have not been made to feel important, special and most importantly personally thanks by Danielle for their effects no matter how small ... This girl wrote the book on how to provide great customer service and make each and every guest/participate want to come back.

Dorothy Anyotte - A Moment in Time Bridal Boutique

I had bought and ordered a bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses from another store in Cambridge. I tried my dress on when we came in and it seemed huge on me, the seamstress for the store was taking it in everywhere and it was going to cost me a fortune to have it altered. My girls dresses weren't even the proper colour and they insisted on measuring my friend when she was nine months pregnant instead of waiting until after she had the baby. They gave us nothing but grief and added stress.

When I went to look for a special bustier (that the store insisted that I needed and could only find from them) I ended up at Rosslins. I explained my dress to them, and they told me that I didn't need anything underneath, because my dress itself was a bustier. A brand new bridal store called "A Moment in Time" had just opened up across the street, and the ladies called her to get her opinion. They asked Dorothy if she would take a look at my dress for me.

My mother went to this other store paid off my dress and we brought it to Dorothy. As soon as we walked into the store we were offered a bottle of water and then shown into a large change room. When I got my dress on, she showed my mom how to do it up, and it turns out that it fit perfectly, it didn't need to be taken in at all. Apparently the lady at the last place was just trying to make money. Dorothy then called her own seamstress who came in and showed us the few alterations that needed to be done. Dorothy offered to keep my dress at the store for me, at no cost to herself, and gave me a new garment bag to put it in, unlike the large plastic bag that it had come in. I went for a few more fittings at her store, and still, she made no money off of me. My bridesmaids and flower girls all brought their dresses into the store for the seamstress to alter and Dorothy offered to keep them all there as well. She opened up early on a Saturday morning to fit our schedule, stored all of our dresses until the day of the wedding, consulted on alterations, and gave us pointers. It was the most relaxed, comfortable setting - exactly what you imagine a bridal store to be. Not chaotic and stressful and pressured. We eventually paid her to steam our dresses before the wedding, but for all she did, it should have cost much more.

I really think that Dorothy should win this award because instead of thinking about herself, and this being a brand new independent store, she put my day and happiness above everything. Dorothy knows exactly how important a girls wedding day is and sets out to make it as carefree as possible.

Jordan Sanders, Applebee's Cambridge

Our granddaughter chose Applebee's in Cambridge for our family dinner on her sixth birthday and we arrived a little early so that the staff could hide the small birthday cake we brought along with us. While we were ordering the meal, my wife whispered to Jordan, our server, that we had forgotten to bring candles or sparklers for the cake and asked if he could provide them. Jordan, who was very friendly and funny with our two granddaughters, whispered that, unfortunately, they did not have any in the restaurant.

We enjoyed a great meal with lots of laughs and great service and when it came time for dessert, the staff came out singing with Jordan leading the way, carrying our cake – complete with sparklers! Apparently, Jordan was so anxious to provide exceptional service that, while we were eating, he ran across the parking lot to the mall and bought a package of small sparklers so that Meghan would not be disappointed on her birthday!

Needless to say, she was thrilled and we were very impressed. While we eat at Applebee's often and are always treated well, Jordan certainly went well above and beyond to make sure we had a WOW experience.

Brad Fraser & Darrell Fraser, Cambridge Insurance Brokers (Preston) Ltd.

I am currently employed at Cambridge Insurance Brokers Ltd. as a Personal Lines Sales Executive. My job is to insure new clients for home and automobile insurance.In order to do this successfully I need to believe that we have competitive products and excellent customer service.

I was recently 'wowed' by the management team at Cambridge Insurance. A long term client suffered a fire loss to his home one evening. He called our after hours claims line and was connected directly to Darrell Frazer - President of our Commercial Lines Department. Our customer explained that the fire department was trying to put out the fire on his home and he just didn't know what to do. Darrell immediately drove to the customers home. Brad Frazer - President of Personal Lines,showed up at the insured's home shortly after to lend some moral support and ensure that the customer was well taken care of. Darrelldirected the insured through the claims process and made sure he had a place to sleep that night. He even called the insurance company who assigned a claims adjuster immediately.

I have witnessed this situation several times in my years with Cambridge Insurance.

Our customer service commitment states that we offer 24 hour claims service and we certainly did that night. I am confident when I insure new customers with Cambridge Insurance Brokers Ltd. that they will receive our commitment from our President's and our customer service team to ensure that every customer receives exceptional customer service no matter what time of night it is!

Joanne Field, Bank of Montreal, Main Street Cambridge

I am not sure what Jo's title is at this current time, however I do know that she is a life saver and a source of security for me.  I met Jo ten years ago when I was attempting to purchase my first home, I seen a few people and was told it was not possible that I would have to wait a few years to build up my credit etc.  I had lost all hope until a Sales Rep from Reid's Heritage homes had given my information to Jo Field who surprisingly called me and said your approved come on in and sign the papers...I was beside myself and found myself asking my husband to pinch me cause surely I did not hear this right...but I did and soon owning my very first home was a dream come true.  Jo managed my financing for about four years after that and was very helpful at guiding me and advising me!

 of situations to be wary of.  Unfortunately for me, about six years ago Jo moved into a management position with the Bank Of Montreal which left me with a new account manager which worked out well because I still had contact with Jo and if I ever needed help I knew she would tell me the exact situation as she always has, and it has not always been exactly what I wanted to hear, but I knew when I asked her to do something for me she would explore every avenue and possibility that would be suitable for the situation, she at one time even wrote a letter for me to help me out with some financing issues. (Which worked out in my favour). 

About 8 months ago I went into my bank on King & Church St. in Cambridge and asked for Jo and was stunned when I was told that she was no longer at the branch...ahhhhhh, this was a nightmare for me as my husband and I were attempting to purchase a second investment property...and I felt like I lost my security blanket.  So I sucked it up and dealt with another representative and three days later I was told that it was not possible to do what I wanted, I asked the representative is there any loop holes is there anything I can do, this is really important to us.  No attempts were made just a flat NO...So once again feeling defeated I went home with my tail between my legs had a glass of wine and thought I need to find Jo Field she will be able to tell me if there is any other possibilities.  So I called the 1-800 # for BMO and asked for Jo Field and all of a sudden I was in contact with her...One quick conversation over the phone and guess what??? There is a solution and we now have a deal.  This lady is amazing, I know that you don’t always get what you want and I know that sometimes things are just not feasible, however one thing I do know is that this lady has her clients best interests at hand and she is absolutely amazing, she tells you all the ins and outs, she has never steered me wrong, her advise and help over the years has been above and beyond my expectations. I only hope she does not change locations again as I will need to sharpen up on my private eye skills.




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