WOW -- Recognizing Exceptional Customer Service

Welcome to WOW Cambridge

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Member Businesses, Will "WOW!" You With Service.

Along with our large Membership of over 1880 Members, the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is extremely excited to introduce this program that will encourage a community wide attitude of "Customer First".

We are particularly pleased that BGM Financial Services, the Chamber Authorized Benefits program providers, are leading the way not just through their sponsorship but also in demonstrating the importance of customer service in their everyday business dealings. BGM has just recently done a customer service audit, and remarkably found a 100% Customer Satisfaction result. What a great sponsor, to be leading the way in Cambridge and providing their customers with a WOW experience.

This program will change the way people feel about doing business in Cambridge. It will build on the values of a caring community and be another key component to fostering growth and an increase in everyone’s quality of life.

The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is proud to author and manage this program to elevate our community, and offer everyone a WOW experience in Cambridge.

Proud Supporter of the WowCambridge Customer Service Program.




Customer Service Workshop

This workshop raises the level of customer service in industries dealing with the public through the development of core customer service skills.

Click here for more information or to register for this and other Superhost & Out Of This World workshops.

Program Sponsor:   BGM Financial Services